Science Fair Topic Websites

The following are three websites that have a number of projects. Remember that if you choose a project, it needs to have a independent (manipulated) variable (something that you are changing) and cannot just be making something. Some of the projects you might find online have independent and dependent variables and others don’t, but even if they don’t, they can still sometimes give you ideas.

Additionally, if you are picking a project from online, you should try and think of a way that you can change it a little to make it unique and yours.
This website has a survey that you can go through which helps you to come up with ideas that match your interests.
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Climate Change Slideshow Resources

Additional Web resources
Use these as your web resources DO NOT JUST DO A GENERAL GOOGLE SEARCH. There is lots of questionable information out there and I want you to focus on the factual data: – Nasa’s climate change page, which includes links to current articles and data about climate change. a government page with lots of links to articles and data. I especially recommend clicking through their pages on “understand climate change” and “Browse and re Lots of data, articles and maps regarding climate. The climate portal website from the world bank. This website has links to data and articles about the diferent continents and countries. This website is made more for adults, but has some great data if you dig around. Nasa’s climate change page especially made for young kids A collections of links for data from well researched websites. New York Times articles related to climate change and the greenhouse effect.